Lichens C

Caeruleum Caeruleum heppii
Calicium Calicium abietinum
Calicium corynellum
Calicium glaucellum
Calicium hyperelloides
Calicium lenticulare
Calicium notarisii
Calicium salicinum
Calicium tigillare
Calicium viride
Callome Callome multipartita
Calogaya Calogaya decipiens
Calogaya oblitterata
Calogaya pusilla
Caloplaca alociza - see Pyrenodesmia alociza
Caloplaca aractina [current taxonomic position unclear]
Caloplaca arnoldii - see Calogaya oblitterata
Caloplaca arcis - see Flavoplaca arcis
Caloplaca arenaria - see Rufoplaca arenaria
Caloplaca aurantia - see Variospora aurantia
Caloplaca austrocitrina - see Flavoplaca austrocitrina
Caloplaca caesiorufella [current taxonomic position unclear]
Caloplaca calcitrapa - see Flavoplaca calcitrapa
Caloplaca ceracea [current taxonomic position unclear]
Caloplaca cerina
Caloplaca cerina var. chloroleuca - see Caloplaca stillicidiorum
Caloplaca cerinella - see Athallia cerinella
Caloplaca cerinelloides - see Athallia cerinelloides
Caloplaca chalybaea - see Pyrenodesmia chalybaea
Caloplaca chlorina
Caloplaca chrysodeta - see Leproplaca chrysodeta
Caloplaca chrysophthalma - see Solitaria chrysophthalma
Caloplaca cirrochroa - see Leproplaca cirrochroa
Caloplaca citrina - see Flavoplaca citrina
Caloplaca coralliza - see Blastenia coralliza
Caloplaca crenularia - see Blastenia crenularia
Caloplaca crenulatella - see Xanthocarpia crenulatella
Caloplaca dalmatica [current position uncertain]
Caloplaca decipiens - see Calogaya decipiens
Caloplaca demissa [related to Pyrenodesmia but position uncertain]
Caloplaca dichroa - see Flavoplaca dichroa
Caloplaca diffusa - see Xanthocarpia diffusa
Caloplaca ferruginea - see Blastenia ferruginea
Caloplaca flavescens - see Variospora flavescens
Caloplaca flavocitrina - see Flavoplaca flavocitrina
Caloplaca flavovirescens - see Gyalolechia flavovirescens
Caloplaca haematites [current position uncertain]
Caloplaca holocarpa - see Athallia holocarpa
Caloplaca lactea - see Xanthocarpia lactea
Caloplaca limonia - see Flavoplaca limonia
Caloplaca littorea [current position uncertain]
Caloplaca lucifuga  [current position uncertain]
Caloplaca luteoalba - see Cerothallia luteoalba
Caloplaca marina - see Flavoplaca marina
Caloplaca maritima - see Flavoplaca maritima
Caloplaca marmorata - see Xanthocarpia marmorata
Caloplaca neotaurica [current position uncertain]
Caloplaca oasis - see Flavoplaca oasis
Caloplaca obscurella [current position uncertain]
Caloplaca ochracea - see Xanthocarpia ochracea
Caloplaca phlogina - see Polycauliona phlogina
Caloplaca pyracea - see Athallia pyracea
Caloplaca saxicola [a misunderstood species of the Calogaya group that may not occur in GB&I]. At least most collections are Calogaya pusilla.
Caloplaca soralifera [related to Pyrenodesmia but of uncertain position]
Caloplaca stillicidiorum
Caloplaca teicholyta [related to Pyrenodesmia but of uncertain position]
Caloplaca thallincola - see Variospora thallincola
Caloplaca ulcerosa [current position uncertain]
Caloplaca variabilis - see Pyrenodesmia variabilis
Caloplaca verruculifera - see Polycauliona verruculifera
Caloplaca vitellinula - see Athallia vitellinula
Caloplaca xantholyta - see Leproplaca xantholyta
Calvitimela Calvitimela aglaea
Candelaria Candelaria concolor
Candelaria pacifica
Candelariella Candelariella aurella
Candelariella coralliza
Candelariella medians
Candelariella reflexa
Candelariella superdistans
Candelariella vitellina
Carbonea Carbonea aggregantula
Carbonea vorticosa
Catapyrenium Catapyrenium cinereum
Catapyrenium psoromoides
Catillaria Catillaria atomarioides
Catillaria chalybeia
Catillaria contristans
Catillaria fungoides
Catillaria lenticularis
Catillaria nigroclavata
Catillaria stereocaulorum
Catinaria Catinaria atropurpurea
Catolechia Catolechia wahlenbergii
Cavernularia Cavernularia hultenii - see Hypogymnia hultenii
Cerothallia Cerothallia luteoalba
Cetraria Cetraria aculeata
Cetraria commixta
Cetraria delisei
Cetraria islandica
Cetraria muricata
Cetraria sepincola
Cetrariella Cetrariella commixta - see Cetraria commixta
Cetrariella delisei - see Cetraria delisei
Chaenotheca Chaenotheca brachypoda
Chaenotheca brunneola
Chaenotheca chrysocephala
Chaenotheca ferruginea
Chaenotheca hispidula
Chaenotheca trichialis
Chaenothecopsis Chaenothecopsis caespitosa
Chaenothecopsis nigra
Chaenothecopsis retinens
Chaenothecopsis savonica
Chaenothecopsis tigillaris
Chrysothrix Chrysothrix candelaris
Chrysothrix flavovirens
Circinaria Circinaria caesiocinerea
Circinaria calcarea
Circinaria contorta subsp. contorta
Circinaria contorta subsp. hoffmanniana
Circinaria leprosescens
Cladonia Cladonia angustiloba
Cladonia arbuscula
Cladonia bellidiflora
Cladonia borealis
Cladonia brevis
Cladonia caespiticia
Cladonia callosa
Cladonia cariosa
Cladonia cervicornis subsp. cervicornis
Cladonia cervicornis subsp. verticillata
Cladonia chlorophaea
Cladonia ciliata
Cladonia coniocraea
Cladonia cornuta
Cladonia diversa
Cladonia fimbriata
Cladonia floerkeana
Cladonia foliacea
Cladonia furcata
Cladonia gracilis
Cladonia humilis
Cladonia incrassata
Cladonia luteoalba
Cladonia macilenta
Cladonia ochrochlora
Cladonia parasitica
Cladonia pocillum
Cladonia polydactyla
Cladonia portentosa
Cladonia pyxidata
Cladonia ramulosa
Cladonia rangiferina
Cladonia rangiformis
Cladonia squamosa
Cladonia strepsilis
Cladonia subcervicornis
Cladonia subulata
Cladonia sulphurina
Cladonia symphycarpia
Cladonia uncialis subsp. biuncialis
Clauzadea Clauzadea immersa
Clauzadea metzleri
Clauzadea monticola
Clauzadeana Clauzadeana macula
Cliostomum Cliostomum griffithii
Cliostomum subtenerum
Coccotrema Coccotrema citrinescens
Coenogonium Coenogonium luteum
Coenogonium pineti
Coenogonium tavaresianum
Collema Collema auriforme - see Lathagrium auriforme
Collema crispum - see Blenothallia crispa
Collema cristatum - see Lathagrium cristatum
Collema dichotomum - see Lathagrium dichotomum
Collema fasciculare - see Arctomia fascicularis
Collema flaccidum
Collema furfuraceum
Collema fuscovirens - see Lathagrium fuscovirens
Collema glebulentum
Collema latzelii - see Lathagrium latzelii
Collema multipartitum - see Callome multipartitum
Collema polycarpon - see Enchylium polycarpon
Collema subflaccidum
Collema tenax - see Enchylium tenax
Collemopsidium Collemopsidium angermannicum
Collemopsidium foveolatum
Collemopsidium halodytes
Collemopsidium sublitorale
Coniocarpon Coniocarpon cinnabarinum
Coniocarpon fallax
Cornicularia Cornicularia normoerica
Corticiruptor Corticiruptor abeloneae
Cresponea Cresponea premnea
Crocodia Crocodia aurata
Crutarndina Crutarndina petractoides
Cryptodiscus Cryptodiscus gloeocapsa
Cryptolechia Cryptolechia carneolutea - see Gyalecta carneolutea
Cyphelium Cyphelium inquinans - see Acolium inquinans
Cyphelium marcianum - see Acolium marcianum
Cyphelium notarisii - see Calicium notarisii
Cyphelium sessile - see Acolium sessile
Cyphelium tigillare - see Calicium tigillare
Cyrtidula Cyrtidula quercus
Cystocoleus Cystocoleus ebeneus

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