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Host genus Fungal species Symptoms and notes
Taxus Phyllosticta foliorum A weak leaf pathogen or secondary invader
Tilia Lamproconium desmazieresii Implicated as a pathogen of small twigs and branches by some authors, but primarily a saprobe
Trifolium Polythrincium trifolii Causes sooty blotch disease of clover
Triticum Gaeumannomyces cylindrosporus Parasitic, but apparently not pathogenic; proposed as a possible biocontrol organism for take-all disease
  Gibellina cerealis Associated with foot rot and basal stem rot, but pathogenicity needs further research
Tussilago Coleosporium tussilaginis Rust on leaves of Tussilago farfara; spermogonia and aecidia on Pinus spp.

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