Plant Health S

Host genus Fungal species Symptoms and notes
Salix Cryptomyces maximus Weak parasite of branches, sometimes correlated with mechanical damage
Linospora capreae Implicated in development of leaf spots, but pathology uncertain
Sanguisorba Phragmidium sanguisorbae Rust of leaves, causing minimal damage to the plant
Sasa Apiospora sasae Sporulating on conspicuous dead margins of leaves, but pathogenic status uncertain
Satureja Puccinia menthae Rust of leaves and stems
Scilla Alternaria hyacinthi Causes leaf spot and bulb scale damage to Freesia, Hyacinthus orientialis and Scilla peruviana
Cladophialophora scillae On leaf spots and moribund leaves of Scilla peruviana
Scorzonera Puccinia scorzonerae A rust on leaves
Secale Claviceps purpurea The ergot fungus, infecting inflorescences and forming sclerotia from modified seeds. Highly toxic
Senecio Puccinia lagenophorae Rust of leaves and stems, sometimes causing distortion of host tissues
Silene Microbotryum silenes-dioicae Infects anthers of S. dioica
Smyrnium Puccinia smyrnii Rust on leaves and stems
Solidago Puccinia virgae-aureae Rust of leaves
Sorbus Leucostoma massarianum Causes canker and dieback of twigs and young branches
Stachys Neoerysiphe galeopsidis Powdery mildew of leaves

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