Plant Health C

Host genus Fungal species Symptoms and notes
Calamagrostis Claviceps purpurea The ergot fungus, infecting inflorescences and forming sclerotia from modified seeds. Highly toxic
Calamintha Puccinia menthae Rust of leaves and stems
Callistemon Allelochaeta dilophospora On leaf spots and died-back areas of living leaves
Caltha Puccinia calthicola Rust on leaves and petioles
Camellia Alternaria camelliae Associated with conspicuous white leaf spots
Carex Anthracoidea limosa An inflorescence smut of Carex limosa, probably causing little damage to host populations
Gaeumannomyces caricis Parasitic, but pathogenicity needs confirmation
Gaeumannomyces paludosus Parasitic, but pathogenicity needs confirmation
Puccinia magnusii Rust on leaves of Carex riparia
Puccinia ribesii-pendulae Rust of leaves of Carex pendula
Puccinia ribis-nigri-paniculatae Rust on leaves of Carex paniculata
Puccinia urticae-inflatae Rust on leaves of Carex rostrata
Carpinus Mamiania fimbriata Apparently a weak parasite causing leaf spots in late summer
Castanea Cryphonectria radicalis A weak parasite causing canker symptoms. Almost certainly extinct in GB&I
Centaurea Puccinia calcitrapae Rust of leaves and stems
Centaurium Taeniolina centaurii Probably a necrotrophic pathogen of leaves and stems, but nutritional status uncertain
Centranthus Ramularia centranthi Causes leaf spots
Cicuta Puccinia cicutae A rust on leaves and other plant parts, not causing major damage
Cirsium Puccinia punctiformis A rust of leaves and stems, causing stunting and sterility
Cladium Puccinia cladii A biotrophic leaf parasite, not considered to be a significant pathogen
Clinopodium Puccinia menthae Rust of leaves and stems
Colchicum Urocystis colchici A leaf smut of Colchicum autumnale, not causing significant economic damage
Convolvulus Erysiphe convolvuli Powdery mildew of leaves
Cornus Septoria cornina Causes conspicuous leaf spots, similar to those of Sphaerulina cornicola
Sphaerulina cornicola Causes conspicuous leaf spots
Corylus Asteroma coryli Causes conspicuous spots on leaves
Mamianiella coryli Considered to cause leaf spotting, but not economically important

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