The Lost & Found Fungi project - Target Species in grasslands and meadows

Top 100 Candidate species for targeted surveys in grasslands and meadows

Information on the target species will be developed over the coming months. The table below contains those that are already featured in this website.

Image (click for images) Species (click for species details)  Brief Description When to look  Distribution map
Entoloma bloxamii sensu lato A robust pale greyish blue mushroom with white to pink gills. Several species have been recorded under this name in Britain, and the LAFF project is trying to improve our understanding of the distribution and British population of each taxon. Jul-Dec Map
Gliophorus europerplexus (and lookalikes) A reddish brown waxcap from unimproved grassland and mossy soil, closely related to the parrot waxcap group (Gliophorus psittacinus s.l.). Potentially endemic to Wales, or possibly previously recorded as the American species Gliophorus perplexus. Sept-Nov Map
Gliophorus reginae A recently described pink- to purple-capped waxcap mushroom from unimproved grassland. Sept-Nov Map
Hygrocybe spadicea A brown waxcap with yellow gills, growing on unimproved grassland, often in well drained south facing situations on lime rich soil. Jun-Nov Map
Microglossum atropurpureum A purple-brown to purple-black earthtongue with colourless spores, found in unimproved grassland. Aug-Feb Map
Uromyces gentianae A rust on leaves of Gentianella amarella (autumn gentian), on dunes and calcareous grassland. Jul-Sept Map

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