Plant Health T

Host genus Fungal species Symptoms and notes
Taraxacum Puccinia taraxaci Rust of leaves
Taxus Metacapnodium dingleyae Sooty mould associated with bark lesions, but probably not parasitic
Phyllosticta foliorum A weak leaf pathogen or secondary invader
Thyselium Alternaria sp. P4871 Infects seeds and peduncles in association with Cladosporium sp. P4871
Cladosporium sp. P4871 Infects seeds in association with Alternaria sp. P4871, but possibly the primary pathogen
Tilia Apiognomonia tiliae Causes large brown leaf spots
Lamproconium desmazieresii Implicated as a pathogen of small twigs and branches by some authors, but primarily a saprobe
Trifolium Polythrincium trifolii Causes sooty blotch disease of clover
Triticum Gaeumannomyces cylindrosporus Parasitic, but apparently not pathogenic; proposed as a possible biocontrol organism for take-all disease
Gibellina cerealis Associated with foot rot and basal stem rot, but pathogenicity needs further research
Tussilago Coleosporium tussilaginis Rust on leaves of Tussilago farfara; spermogonia and aecidia on Pinus spp.

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