Plant Health L

Host genus Fungal species Symptoms and notes
Larix Leucostoma curreyi Causes canker and dieback of twigs and small branches
Leucostoma kunzei As for Leucostoma curreyi above
Melampsora laricis-tremulae Rust of leaves
Melampsoridium betulinum Rust of leaves (spermogonia and aecia)
Ligustrum Thedgonia ligustrina A common leaf spot, apparently on both L. vulgare and L. ovalifolium.
Linaria Melanotaenium cingens A leaf and stem smut, currently thought to be extinct in GBI.
Linnaea Metacoleroa dickiei Conspicuous black blotches on green leaves
Lolium Epichlo├ź festucae var. lolii Causes choke disease of culms, also widespread as a toxin-producing endophyte
Lonicera Lasiobotrys lonicerae Conspicuous black leaf spots; initially biotrophic but developing as a necrotroph
Luzula Puccinia obscura Rust on leaves
Lychnis Microbotryum cornonariae Infects anthers of L. flos-cuculi

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