Plant Health L

Host genus Fungal species Symptoms and notes
Lapsana Puccinia lapsanae Rust of leaves
Larix Leucostoma curreyi Causes canker and dieback of twigs and small branches
Leucostoma kunzei As for Leucostoma curreyi above
Melampsora laricis-tremulae Rust of leaves
Melampsoridium betulinum Rust of leaves (spermogonia and aecia)
Ligustrum Thedgonia ligustrina A common leaf spot, apparently on both L. vulgare and L. ovalifolium.
Linaria Melanotaenium cingens A leaf and stem smut, currently thought to be extinct in GBI.
Linnaea Metacoleroa dickiei Conspicuous black blotches on green leaves
Lolium Epichlo├ź festucae var. lolii Causes choke disease of culms, also widespread as a toxin-producing endophyte
Lonicera Lasiobotrys lonicerae Conspicuous black leaf spots; initially biotrophic but developing as a necrotroph
Luzula Puccinia obscura Rust on leaves
Lychnis Microbotryum cornonariae Infects anthers of L. flos-cuculi

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