Plant Health G

Host genus Fungal species Symptoms and notes
Gagea Vankya ornithogali Conspicuous smut affecting living leaves
Galega Erysiphe galegae Powdery mildew of leaves
Galeopsis Neoerysiphe galeopsidis Powdery mildew of leaves
Geranium Coleroa circinans On living and moribund leaves of a range of Geranium species (apparently not G. robertianum)
Coleroa robertiani Biotrophic on living leaves of G. robertianum, apparently causing little or no damage
Uromyces geranii Rust on leaves of many species
Geum Podosphaera aphanis Powdery mildew of leaves
Glyceria Claviceps purpurea Infects inflorescences causing ergots. Hghly toxic.
Ustilago filiformis Causes stripe smut of leaves
Goodyera Pucciniastrum goodyerae Rust on leaves

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