Phylogeny and taxonomy of Catenularia and similar fungi with catenate conidia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2021
Authors:M. Réblová, Nekvindová, J., Miller, A. N.
Date Published:Jun-11-2021
ISSN:1314-4049, 1314-4057

The genus Catenularia (Chaetosphaeriaceae) was reviewed, and its relationships with morphologically similar fungi were evaluated using molecular and morphological data. Eleven species are accepted, four of which have been verified with molecular DNA data. The correct epithet ‘cupulifera’ is proposed for the type species C. cupuliferacomb. nov. Four other combinations are proposed, namely C. catenulatacomb. nov., C. elsikiicomb. nov., C. minorcomb. nov. and C. novae-zelandiaecomb. nov.Catenularia is an uncommon fungus inhabiting mainly decaying bark, wood and bamboo culms of various hosts and shows a widespread geographical distribution. It is circumscribed for fungi with mononematous, macronematous, simple conidiophores with terminal monophialides, usually accompanied with capitate hyphae. The conidia are aseptate, brown, cuneiform to rounded-obconic with an angular outline, adhering in chains. The diagnostic values of taxonomic characteristics of capitate hyphae and conidia (i.e. colour, shape in transverse section, setulae and formation) at the generic level were evaluated. An account of morphology, taxonomy and phylogeny of species accepted in Catenularia is provided. Based on ribosomal DNA sequences, Chalarodes obpyramidatasp. nov., characterised by catenate, angular, hyaline conidia with apical setulae, is revealed as closely related to Catenularia. The new genus Fuscocatenulagen. nov. is proposed for catenularia-like fungi having pigmented conidia with protracted maturation and round outline, with two species accepted, F. submersacomb. nov. and F. variegatacomb. nov. A new species Nawawia antennatasp. nov. is introduced and Nawawia is compared with morphologically similar taxa.

Citation Key:5503
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