The Lost & Found Fungi project - Target Species in wet heathland to wetland habitats

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Top 100 Candidate species for targeted surveys in wet heathlands to wetland habitats

Information on the target species will continue to be developed over the coming months. The table below contains those that are already featured in this website.

Image (click for images) Species (click for species details) Brief description When to look
Anthracoidea limosa A smut infecting ovaries of Carex limosa (bog-sedge). Jul-Aug
Anthracoidea pulicaris A smut infecting ovaries of Carex pulicaris (flea sedge). Jul-Aug
Armillaria ectypa A honey fungus found in marshes, upland bogs and reed beds. Jul-Oct
Bovista paludosa A small white puffball associated with mosses in calcareous fen habitats. May-Nov
Geoglossum uliginosum An earthtongue from boggy areas, often associated with Sphagnum. Sept-Oct
Mollisia fuscoparaphysata A minute black/brown discomycete on dead leaves and culms of Trichophorum caespitosum s.l. and probably other related sedges. Mar-Aug
Multiclavula vernalis One of the few lichenized basidiomycetes in the UK, producing brightly coloured club-shaped fruit-bodes on blue-green patches of damp or wet peat or peaty soil. Mar-Aug
Puccinia cicutae A rust on leaves of Cicuta virosa (cowbane). Jun-Oct
Puccinia cladii A rust found on living leaves of Cladium mariscus (great fen-sedge). Considered to be rare by Wilson & Henderson. Mar-Sept
Rutstroemia johnstonii (=Dencoeliopsis johnstonii) A small discomycete apparently restricted to stromata of Xenotypa aterrima, itself a rarely encountered species on recently dead branches of Betula. Jun-Oct
Urocystis primulicola An ovary smut of Primula farinosa (birds' eye primrose). The host is typically found in wet calcareous flushes, near springs, or unimproved damp grazed pasture. Jul-Sept
Ustanciosporium gigantosporum An ovary smut of Rhynchospora alba (white beak-sedge). Aug-Nov

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