The Lost & Found Fungi project - Target Species in grasslands and meadows

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Top 100 Candidate species for targeted surveys in grasslands and meadows

Information on the target species will be developed over the coming months. The table below contains those that are already featured in this website.

Image (click for images) Species (click for species details)  Brief Description When to look 
Entoloma atromadidum A robust dark navy blue to grey Entoloma with an often slightly wrinkled cap margin, recently segregated from the Entoloma bloxamii species concept, with smaller spores than E. bloxamii s.s. Jul-Dec
Entoloma bloxamii A stout light lilac to greyish Entoloma and large (7.5-10 micron diam.) spores. Recently epityped with DNA-barcoded material to stabilise the species concept. Jul-Dec
Entoloma bloxamii sensu lato A stout "Big Blue Pinkgill" species concept comprising a number of biological species (E. atromadidum, E. bloxamii s.l., E. madidum and E. ochreoprunuloides f. hyacinthinum).  Unresolved historical and recent records can be recorded under this name. Jul-Dec
Entoloma madidum A stout bright neon-to-sky blue (fading to light grey) Entoloma with smaller spores (less than 7.5 microns) than E. bloxamii s.s. Recently neotyped to stabilise the species concept. Jul-Dec
Entoloma ochreoprunuloides and E. ochreoprunuloides f. hyacinthinum A stout Entoloma with a variety of different colour forms, including pinkish, brownish, and brownish with violet tones (the latter being forma hyacinthinum). E. ochreoprunuloides f. hyacinthinum has historically been confused with E. bloxamii and recorded under this name. It usually has smaller spores (less than 7.5 microns) than E. bloxamii s.s. Jul-Dec
Gliophorus europerplexus (and lookalikes) A reddish brown waxcap from unimproved grassland and mossy soil, closely related to the parrot waxcap group (Gliophorus psittacinus s.l.). Potentially endemic to Wales, or possibly previously recorded as the American species Gliophorus perplexus. Sept-Nov
Gliophorus reginae A recently described pink- to purple-capped waxcap mushroom from unimproved grassland. Sept-Nov
Hygrocybe spadicea A brown waxcap with yellow gills, growing on unimproved grassland, often in well drained south facing situations on lime rich soil. Jun-Nov
Microglossum atropurpureum A purple-brown to purple-black earthtongue with colourless spores, found in unimproved grassland. Aug-Feb
Uromyces gentianae A rust on leaves of Gentianella amarella (autumn gentian), on dunes and calcareous grassland. Jul-Sept

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