The Lost & Found Fungi project - Target Species in Coastal Habitats

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Top 100 Candidate species for targeted surveys in coastal habitats

Information on the target species will be developed over the coming months. The table below contains those that are already featured in this website...

  Species (click for species details) Brief Description When to look Distribution map
Bovista pusilla A very tiny puffball of 0.5-1.5 mm diameter, found on grey dune slacks. Previously known in Britain as B. limosa. Aug-Nov Map
Chrysomyxa  pyrolata A rust on leaves of Pyrola spp. (wintergreen), in recent years mostly found on P. rotundifolia subsp. maritima in dune slacks, but also historically from Pyrola minor in damp woodlands. Apr-Aug Map
Dichomitus efibulatus (= Polyporus efibulatus) A polypore on deadwood in Atlantic habitats.  Jan-Dec Map
Geastrum marginatum A small earthstar found on sandy soil in coastal dunes. until recently known as G. minimum in GB&I. Sept-Nov (also records in Mar and May) Map

Helvella leucopus

A spring-fruiting species of sand dunes, associated with Populus and Salix. Apr-May Map
Hohenbuehelia bonii A saprotrophic agaric on Ammophila arenaria (marram grass) with a yellow-brown cap without a distinct stem. Sept-Jan Map
Hohenbuehelia culmicola A saprotrophic agaric on Ammophila arenaria (marram grass) with a dark greyish brown to black cap and a well developed stem. Sept-Feb Map
Perenniporia ochroleuca A white polypore occurring mostly on blackthorn, hawthorn, apple, holm oak, and thus far only near south and west coasts. Jan-Dec Map
Polystigma rubrum A parasitic ascomycete with bright red stromata on living leaves of blackthorn, cultivated plum and hybrids. May-Oct Map
Poronia erici A fungus with a 3-8 mm diam. nail- or golf-tee like fruitbody growing in rabbit or pony dung; a Poronia punctata lookalike but smaller with larger spores. Mar-Nov? Map
Simocybe centunculus var.
A small mushroom currently treated as a variety of Simocybe centunculus (dingy twiglet), but associated with dead leaf bases of Ammophilia arenaria (marram grass). Oct-Nov Map
Uromyces gentianae A rust on leaves of Gentianella amarella (autumn gentian), on dunes and calcareous grassland. Jul-Sept Map

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