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Top 100 Candidate species for targeted surveys - lichens and lichenicolous fungi

Information on the target species will be developed over the coming months. The table below contains those that are already featured in this website...

  Species (links to species information) Associated organisms/substrata Localities Last recorded (pre project) Successful search (during project lifespan) British sites
Pre-1965 1965-June 2014 July 2014-present (LAFF) Extant (since 1965)
Acarospora subrufula A lichen of siliceous rocks in extreme maritime environments Apparently fairly common in the Channel Is, otherwise known only from the Scilly Isles and a possible site near Land's End in Cornwall. Found on Great Ganilly, St Martin's, Scilly Isles; unsuccessful search in suitable habitat in VC1 W Cornwall. 1982 Yes 3 2 1 3
Biatora veteranorum On rotting wood of ancient trees, currently known from Pinus, Quercus and Salix Scattered throughout the UK; most records are in Scotland but also reported from veteran trees in Bedfordshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire. 2013 Yes 0 13 1 14
Caloplaca caesiorufella An inconspicuous lichen with brownish red apothecia and a poorly developed grey thallus A boreal species, reported from Shetland and St Kilda. Recent searches on Shetland in known localities have been unsuccessful. 2013 Yes 0 2 1 3
Caloplaca haematites A lichen with red apothecial discs, on smooth bark of various trees Only reported once in the last 100 years, from Hampshire. 2011   5 2 0 2
Catolechia wahlenbergii A rare species of high mountains on soil, rock and decayed vegetation Scattered throughout the northern and western Highlands. 2009   3 9 0 9
Dacampia rhizocarpicola A parasite of the riverine lichen Rhizocarpon lavatum Only known from two ascomata (!) in a site in Glen Esk, E Scotland. Searched for by multiple lichenologists at the only known locality (which is not well defined) - not found. 2010   0 1 0 1
Gyalidea roseola A lichen of limestone and micaceous sandstone, only known in GB&I from old lead mine sites Reported from the Strontian region of SW Scotland (there apparently extinct), Argyll and the Southern Uplands. 2005 Yes 1 3 3 5
Gyalolechia bracteata A lichen of soil crevices and rock, on metamorphosed ("sugar") limestone - formerly known as Fulgensia bracteata Only known from a single site in the Ben Alder range, VC97 W Inverness-shire. 1994   1 1 0 1
Heterodermia propagulifera A lichen of exposed coastal turf Only reported from three of the Scilly Isles (VC01 West Cornwall and Scilly Isles). 2014 Yes 3(3)      
Hypogymnia vittata A lichen on sand in fixed dunes Only known from a single dune system in East Sutherland. 2013 Yes 1 2 1 2
Lecania coeruleorubella A lichen on limestone and mortar of church walls Long presumed extinct, but recently rediscovered in Hertfordshire. 2013   1 1 0 1
Lecania coerulescens A lichen found on limestone and calcareous sandstone walls Only one recent GB&I record, from central Norfolk. 2011   1 1 0 1
Lecidea inops A lichen found on copper-rich rocks in mine spoil Reported from a single site in Westmorland, with records from other parts of N England needing confirmation. 1984   0 1 0 1
Lichenochora epifulgens A parasite of the rare sand-dune lichen Gyalolechia fulgens Originally reported from a single locality in Wales (Pembrokeshire); the original site has been resurveyed in 2011 and 2015 and the population is still extant. Three sites are now known in Cornwall. 2009 Yes 1 5 5 5
Lobothallia melanaspis A lichen on quartzite rocks in freshwater habitats Only known from one site in Sutherland. 1995 Yes 1 1 1 1
Melanelixia subargentifera A foliose lichen reported from bark of Juglans regia Only reported from one site in E Scotland, now possibly extinct. 1983   0 1 0 1

Multiclavula vernalis

PDF - Species Datasheet

One of the few lichenized basidiomycetes in the UK, with brightly coloured club-shaped fruit-bodes England (N Hampshire), Scotland (N Harris, W Lewis, Canna, Shetlands). Unsuccessful searches at the Shetland and N. Harris localities. 2011 Yes 1 4 2 6
Nephroma arcticum A lichen on montane Rhacomitrium heaths Only known from two localities in the northern Scottish Highlands. 1994   3 2 0 2
Peltigera lepidophora A small brown foliose lichen on mossy ledges in a river gorge Critically endangered, only known from a single site in Perthshire. 2004   0 1 0 1
Peltigera malacea A large green foliose lichen, primarily known from coniferous forest over sand dunes Apparently common in Moray, but restricted in distribution. 2015 Yes 5 13 8 13
Peltigera scabrosa A foliose lichen on the ground on mountain ridges Only known from two sites, in Ross-shire and Orkney. 1984   0 2 0 2
Porina sudetica A lichen found on decaying moss in mine sites Only reported from two sites, one in Cornwall and the other in Mid Perthshire. 1991   0 4 0 4
Siphula ceratites A lichen with sterile thalli on peaty soil in montane habitats Reported from various sites in Wester Ross, Skye and Sutherland. 2011 Yes 4 7 3 7
Umbilicaria spodochroa On calcareous rock by a sea loch Only definitely known from a single location in VC108 W Sutherland. Searched for unsuccessfully in 2016 - the population may have been obliterated by a track accessing a fish farm. 1974   0 1 0 1
Usnea subscabrosa A beard lichen growing on maritime granitic rocks Only definitely reported from the Isles of Scilly. Searched for unsuccessfully in Mar. 2016. 2013   1 1 0 1

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