Lichenicolous Fungi from the Western Pyrenees, France and Spain. IV. Ascomycetes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:J. Etayo, Diederich P.
Date Published:Mar-01-1998
ISSN:0024-2829, 1096-1135

AbstractTwenty species of lichenicolous ascomycetes are recorded for the western Pyrenees. Capronia hypotrachynae Etayo & Diederich (on Hypotrachyna species, also known from the Canary Islands and from Papua New Guinea), Llimoniella pubescens Etayo & Diederich (on Lepraria species, also from Scotland and Papua New Guinea), Polycoccum microcarpum Diederich & Etayo (on Cladonia species, also from Scotland), Skyttea megalosporae Etayo & Diederich (on Megalospora tuberculosa), Sphaerellothecium cinerascens Etayo & Diederich (on Cladonia parasitica) and S. parmeliae Diederich & Etayo (on Parmelia s. str., also from Finland) are described as new.

Citation Key:5762
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