The hidden diversity of Diatrypaceous fungi in China

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2021
Authors:H. - Y. Zhu, Pan, M., Wijayawardene, N. N., Jiang, N., Ma, R., Dai, D. - Q., Tian, C. - M., Fan, X. - L.
Journal:Frontiers in Microbiology
Date Published:May-31-2021

In this study, we investigated the diversity of diatrypaceous fungi from six regions in China based on morpho-molecular analyses of combined ITS and tub2 gene regions. We accept 23 genera in Diatrypaceae with 18 genera involved in the phylogram, and the other five genera are lacking living materials with sequences data. Eleven species included in four genera (viz. Allocryptovalsa, Diatrype, Diatrypella, and Eutypella) have been isolated from seven host species, of which nine novel species (viz. Allocryptovalsa castaneae, A. castaneicola, Diatrype betulae, D. castaneicola, D. quercicola, Diatrypella betulae, Da. betulicola, Da. hubeiensis, and Da. shennongensis), a known species of Diatrypella favacea, and a new record of Eutypella citricola from the host genus Morus are included. Current results show the high diversity of Diatrypaceae which are wood-inhabiting fungi in China.

Citation Key:5606
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