Genera coelomycetarum. I. Urohendersonia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1971
Authors:T. R. Nag Raj, Kendrick B.
Journal:Canadian Journal of Botany

Study of type material of Urohendersonia platensis, U. indica, and U. stipae reveals that structures described by their original authors as ‘basidia’ or ‘pedicels’ (in contemporary parlance, conidiophores) are, in fact, apical conidium appendages. The true conidiophores and the processes of conidiogenesis are described and illustrated. Urohendersonia has unilocular, ostiolate pycnidia producing three-septate, colored conidia that are enclosed from an early stage of development in a sheath which extends apically as a hyaline, filiform process. Urohendersonia and Hendersonia are delineated. Revised descriptions are given for Urohendersonia and its four species. A fifth species, U. mysorensis, is described as new. A key to the five species is given.

Citation Key:5515
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