Elaphomyces section Elaphomyces (Eurotiales, Ascomycota) — taxonomy and phylogeny of North European taxa, with the introduction of three new species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2020
Authors:A. Molia, Larsson, E., Jeppson, M., Laessøe, T., Larsson, K. - H.
Journal:Fungal Systematics and Evolution
Date Published:Jun-01-2020

The North European species of Elaphomyces section Elaphomyces (Eurotiales, Pezizomycotina) are studied. Three new species, E. citrinopapillatus, E. pusillus, and E. roseoviolaceus are introduced and verified by morphology and sequence data from ITS, nuclear LSU, mitochondrial SSU, and β-tubulin. A lectotype for Elaphomyces granulatus is selected. Elaphomyces granulatus and E. muricatus are epitypified with sequenced material from the Femsjö region in South Sweden. Elaphomyces striatosporus is epitypified with sequenced material from the vicinity of the type locality in Norway. A key to all species of Elaphomyces occurring in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden is provided.

Citation Key:5754
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