Apioporthella vepris (All Fungi)

General description: 

Stromata variable, often appearing as longitudinally elongate pustules, sometimes erumpent merely as circular blackened discs 0.1-0.2 mm diam., with the ectostromatic disc a cushion of brownish cells containing one or a few fused ostioles. Ascomata 160-300 x 160-200 µm, in definite clusters but also sometimes in small thickly scattered groups. Peridium composed externally of 2 to 3 layers of brown, polygonal thick-walled cells, internally
of 1 to 2 layers of hyaline, compressed, thin-walled cells; peridium of the neck is composed of brown, parallel elongated cells.
Interascal tissue absent, at least at maturity. Asci 30-40 x 6-8 µm, clavate, sessile, the base evanescent, with an inconspicuous apical ring, 8-spored. Ascospores 6-9(10) x 2-2.5 µm, often constricted at the septum and often with a short bristle-like mucous appendage to ca 5 µm in length at each end (visible in water mounts), large cell usually 2-guttulate, small cell usually 1-guttulate.

Anamorph Phomopsis-like. Conidiomata stromatic, probably preceding development of ascomata. Conidia (alpha-conidia) 5-7 x 1-1.5 µm, ellipsoidal to fusiform-cylindrical, hyaline, simple.

Conservation status: 

No formal assessment has been made, but there is a substantial number of collections from GBI and bearing in mind the plentiful supply of substratum the species is probably not at risk.


The placement of this species has been varied over the years, and preliminary phylogenetic analysis (de Silva et al. 2009) indicates that it has no close relatives


On dead stems (and rarely dead leaves) of Rubus species, perhaps initially endophytic in nature


Scattered throughout GBI. Also reported from Europe (Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden), North America (Canada and United States), and Asia (Taiwan).

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