Plant Health P

Host genus Fungal species Symptoms and notes
Phalaris Claviceps purpurea The ergot fungus, infecting inflorescences and forming sclerotia from modified seeds. Highly toxic
Phleum Claviceps purpurea See under Phalaris above
Picea Gemmamyces piceae Causes death of young buds, sometimes leading to growth abnormalities
Rhizosphaera kalkhoffii Causes needle cast, but not a major pathogen
Pinus Coleosporium tussilaginis Rust on needles of Pinus spp., mostly P. sylvestris in GB&I. Uredinia and telia on Tussilago.
Cucurbidothis pityophila Causes canker of bark
Diplodia sapinea Mostly saprotrophic on shoots, leaves and cones, but can be pathogenic when the host is stressed
Lophodermella sulcigena Needle cast and dieback
Populus Leucostoma niveum Causes canker and dieback of twigs and small branches
Linospora ceuthocarpa Causes large leaf spots
Melampsora laricis-tremulae Poplar leaf rust. See also Melampsora populnea agg.
Valsa sordida Causes canker and dieback of branches
Prunus Leucostoma cinctum Causes canker and dieback of twigs and small branches
Leucostoma persoonii As for Leucostoma cinctum above
Polystigma rubrum Bright red leaf spots on Prunus spinosa, cultivated plum and hybrids thereof.
Pyrola Chrysomyxa pyrolata Rust of leaves of Pyrola spp.

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