The Lost & Found Fungi Project - rusts, smuts, and allies

Top 100 Candidate species for targeted surveys - rusts, smuts, and allies

Information on the target species will be developed over the coming months. The table below contains those that are already featured in this website...

  Species (links to species information) Associated organisms/substrata When to look Localities Last recorded (pre project) Successful search (during project lifespan) Number of sites (post 1960) Datasheet  Maps 
Anthracoidea limosa A smut infecting ovaries of Carex limosa (bog-sedge). Jul-Aug Historically recorded from three sites near Rannoch (in Argyllshire and Mid Perthshire); and a single site in West Sutherland, all in Scotland. Recorded near Rannoch Station in 1978, and confirmed to be extant at a nearby site in 2010. 2010 Yes 8(5)   Map
Anthracoidea pulicaris A smut infecting ovaries of Carex pulicaris (flea sedge). Jul-Aug Historically known from single records from East Norfolk in England; and the Isle of Skye, North Ebudes in Scotland. In recent years recorded only from Scotland, from South Aberdeenshire in 1980, and Moray in 2015. 1980 Yes 8(6)   Map
Chrysomyxa pyrolata A rust on leaves of Pyrola spp. (wintergreen), in recent years mostly found on P. rotundifolia subsp. maritima. Apr-Aug Recent sites include S Lancashire and Westmorland; colonies in Anglesey and Wiltshire may have died out. Not found in Glamorgan despite extensive surveys in 2015. 2009 Yes 14(7) PDF Map
  Exobasidium expansum A systemic parasite and pathogen of leaves and shoots of Vaccinium uliginosum (bog bilberry), affecting whole shoots and stems, causing leaves to become slightly stunted or enlarged, mottled pale green to reddish above, and eventually developing a chalk-white hymenium below. July-Sept Known in GB from only four records, all in Scotland. The two known sites are Coire Cas, near Cairngorm Mountain, East Inverness-shire (recorded 1994); and one in Glen Shee, East Perthshire (recorded 1976). A further two records are poorly localised but probably from near Cairngorm Mountain (recorded 1961 and 1974). 1994 Yes 6(5)   Map
Exobasidium pachysporum A parasite and pathogen of leaves of Vaccinium uliginosum (bog bilberry), causing discrete pink to wine-red leaf spots. Aug-Sept Known in GB from only five sites, one in Cumberland, England (recorded 2008); one West Inverness-shire (recorded 2010), and three East Inverness-shire, Scotland (recorded 2013 and 2015). 2013 Yes 6(6)   Map
Puccinia cicutae A rust on leaves of Cicuta virosa (cowbane). Jun-Oct Historically known only from the Fens in East Norfolk, and not recorded between 1956 and 2011. Recently recorded at one site in East Norfolk (2011), and one in East Suffolk (2012). 2012 Yes 13(6)   Map
Puccinia cladii A rust found on living leaves of Cladium mariscus (great fen-sedge). Considered to be rare by Wilson & Henderson. Mar-Sept Historical records from E Norfolk, but recent sites pre-LAFF known only from one site in E Norfolk and one in Glamorgan, Wales. Extant populations now known from Anglesey, Caernarvonshire, Cambridgeshire, East Kent, East Norfolk, Glamorgan, and Huntingdonshire. 1958 Yes 26(18)   Map
Pucciniastrum goodyerae A rust on leaves of the orchid Goodyera repens (creeping lady's-tresses). Apr-Nov

Historically known from Scotland, from Angus, Banffshire, East Inverness-shire, East Ross & Cromarty, East Sutherland, Lanarkshire, and Moray.

Only a few populations have been recently recorded, from East Inverness-shire, East Sutherland, and Fife.

1990 Yes 21(12)   Map
Urocystis colchici A smut on leaves of Colchicum autumnale (autumn crocus, meadow saffron, or naked lady). Apr-Jun Historically recorded from North Wiltshire, North Somerset, West Sussex, Warwickshire, North-west Yorkshire, and possibly West Lothian. Recently known only from four sites, in Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, North Wiltshire, and Breconshire; plus a very few records from garden plants. 2013 Yes 17(8)   Map
Urocystis primulicola An ovary smut on Primula farinosa (bird's eye primrose). Jul-Sept Historically recorded only three times, in Cheshire, Durham, Mid-west Yorkshire. Recent records from Durham, Mid-west Yorkshire, West Lancashire, and Westmorland. 2012 Yes 12(9)   Map
Uromyces gentianae A rust on leaves of Gentianella amarella (autumn gentian). Jul-Sept Historically recorded from single sites in North Devon, Dorset, South Hampshire, East Kent, and Worcester, with one record from West Suffolk in 1978. Recent surveys have found extant populations in North Devon, North Hampshire, West Sussex, and Bedfordshire. 2012 Yes 14(8)   Map
Ustanciosporium gigantosporum An ovary smut of Rhynchospora alba (white beak-sedge). Aug-Nov Recent records from Dorset and Sutherland, but potentially much more widespread 1865 Yes 4(2) PDF Map
Vankya ornithogali A leaf smut of Gagea species (not Ornithogalum as the name would suggest), mostly reported on Gagea lutea (Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem). Feb-May Reported from VC23 Oxfordshire, VC43 Radnorshire, VC63 SW Yorkshire, VC64 MW Yorkshire and VC66 Durham 2012 Yes 10(6) PDF Map

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