Fungal projects

Some of the work involved with putting together this website has been carried out as part of wider projects. These include:

Ascomycota of Great Britain & Ireland. Data from an unfinished taxonomic account of non-lichenized GB&I Ascomycota, a partnership between Kew, CABI and Liverpool John Moores University. Updated versions of many of the species accounts written during the project are included in this website.

New Reports (see tab on home page). Species of lichens and lichenicolous fungi reported new to GB&I since publication of Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland (2009).

Project Waxtongue   A project examining the diversity of two groups of grassland fungi of conservation importance in the UK. Species of waxcap (Hygrophoraceae) and earthtongue (Geoglossum and similar fungi) were examined using a molecular barcoding approach, with the help of a consortium of around 80 individual experts and recording groups. Funding was provided by DEFRA and Scottish Natural Heritage.

BLS Usnea workshop. Rebecca Yahr and colleagues at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh have been carrying out molecular barcoding and chemical analyses of British Usnea species. Data from a British Lichen Society workshop in the Cairngorms and Knapdale, Scotland have been included in the account of Usnea and its constituent species.

The Lost and Found project can be accessed by a tab on the home page of this website. It is a large-scale survey programme for rare and under-reported fungi in the UK, funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

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