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This list is of lichens and lichenicolous fungi recorded in Great Britain & Ireland subsequent to publication of  Lichens of Great Britain & Ireland (Smith et al. 2009).
Genus Species Nutritional status Working documents
Abrothallus Abrothallus parmotrematis Lichenicolous fungus  
Agonimia Agonimia flabelliformis Lichen  
Arthonia Arthonia byssacea Lichen  
Arthonia caerulescens Lichenicolous fungus  
Arthonia destruens Lichenicolous fungus  
Arthonia lecanoricola Lichenicolous fungus  
Arthonia pannariae Lichenicolous fungus  
Arthonia parietinaria Lichenicolous fungus  
Arthonia protoparmeliae Lichenicolous fungus  
Arthonia protoparmeliopsidis Lichenicolous fungus  
Arthonia sp. P3067 Lichenicolous fungus  
Arthonia sp. P3068 Lichenicolous fungus  
Athallia Athallia vitellinula Lichen  
Bacidia Bacidia coprodes Lichen  
Bacidia inornata Lichen  
Biatora Biatora ligni-mollis Lichen  
Biatora ocelliformis Lichen  
Biatoropsis Biatoropsis hafellneri Lichenicolous fungus  
Blastenia Blastenia coralliza Lichen  
Burgellopsis Burgellopsis nivea Lichenicolous fungus  
Caloplaca Caloplaca calcitrapa - see Flavoplaca calcitrapa    
Caloplaca coralliza - see Blastenia coralliza    
Caloplaca demissa Lichen  
Caloplaca diffusa - see Xanthocarpia diffusa    
Caloplaca limonia - see Flavoplaca limonia    
Caloplaca marmorata - see Xanthocarpia marmorata    
Caloplaca neotaurica Lichen  
Caloplaca vitellinula - see Athallia vitellinula    
Candelaria Candelaria pacifica Lichen  
Catillaria Catillaria fungoides Lichen  
Ceratobasidium Ceratobasidium bulbillifaciens Facultatively lichenicolous fungus  
Cercidospora Cercidospora caudata Lichenicolous fungus  
Cladonia Cladonia angustiloba Lichen  
Cladoniicola Cladoniicola staurospora Lichenicolous fungus  
Cladosporium Cladosporium licheniphilum Lichenicolous fungus  
Cliostomum Cliostomum subtenerum Lichen  
Coenogonium Coenogonium tavaresianum Lichen  
Dacampia Dacampia rhizocarpicola Lichenicolous fungus  
Dactylospora Dactylospora suburceolata Lichenicolous fungus  
Degelia Degelia cyanoloma - see Pectenia cyanoloma    
Didymocyrtis Didymocyrtis melanelixiae Lichenicolous fungus  
Didymocyrtis ramalinae Lichenicolous fungus  
Dimerella Dimerella tavaresiana - see Coenogonium tavaresianum    
Diplotomma Diplotomma parasiticum Lichenicolous fungus/independent lichen  
Dirina Dirina fallax Lichen  
Endococcus Endococcus ramalinarius Lichenicolous fungus  
Epicladonia Epicladonia simplex Lichenicolous fungus  
Flavoplaca Flavoplaca calcitrapa Lichen  
Flavoplaca limonia Lichen  
Fuscidea Fuscidea oceanica Lichen  
Graphium Graphium aphthosae Lichenicolous fungus  
Gyalidea Gyalidea hyalinescens var. pauciseptata Lichen  
Hainesia Hainesia xanthoriae Lichenicolous fungus  
Halecania Halecania laevis Lichen  
Heteroplacidium Heteroplacidium fusculum Lichen  
Hydropunctaria Hydropunctaria aractina Lichen  
Hydropunctaria oceanica Lichen  
Hydropunctaria orae Lichen  
Laetisaria Laetisaria lichenicola Lichenicolous fungus  
Lasiosphaeriopsis Lasiosphaeriopsis stereocaulicola Lichenicolous fungus  
Lecania Lecania fructigena Lichen  
Lecania granulata Lichen  
Lecanora Lecanora invadens Lichen  
Lecanora sinuosa Lichen  
Lecanora viridiatra Lichen  
Lecidea Lecidea herteliana Lichen  
Lecidea huxariensis Lichen  
Leptogium Leptogium magnussonii Lichen  
Leptorhaphis Leptorhaphis confertior Lichen  
Leptorhaphis laricis Lichen  
Leptorhaphis sp. MP3924 Status uncertain  
Leptosphaeria Leptosphaeria ramalinae - see Didymocyrtis ramalinae    
Leucogyrophana Leucogyrophana lichenicola Lichenicolous fungus  
Lichenochora Lichenochora epifulgens Lichenicolous fungus  
Lichenoconium Lichenoconium lichenicola Lichenicolous fungus  
Lichenopeltella Lichenopeltella pannariacearum Lichenicolous fungus  
Lichenostigma Lichenostigma chlaroterae Lichenicolous fungus  
Minutoexcipula Minutoexcipula tephromelae Lichenicolous fungus  
Miriquidica Miriquidica subplumbea Lichen  
Myriospora Myriospora myochroa Lichen  
Nectriopsis Nectriopsis micareae Lichenicolous fungus  
Nectriopsis physciicola Lichenicolous fungus  
Ochrolechia Ochrolechia bahusiensis Lichen  
Ochrolechia laevigata Lichen  
Ochrolechia mahluensis Lichen  
Opegrapha Opegrapha hochstetteri ined. Lichenicolous fungus  
Opegrapha ochrocheila Lichen here
Opegrapha viridipruinosa Lichen  
Pectenia Pectenia cyanoloma Lichen  
Petractis Petractis nodispora Lichen  
Phaeospora Phaeospora everniae Lichenicolous fungus  
Phylloblastia Phylloblastia fortuita Lichen  
Polycoccum Polycoccum hymeniicola Lichenicolous fungus  
Porina Porina rivalis Lichen  
Porpidia Porpidia irrigua Lichen  
Pronectria Pronectria sp. MP3952 Lichenicolous fungus [undescribed]  
Protothelenella Protothelenella santessonii Lichenicolous fungus  
Puttea Puttea caesia Lichen  
Pycnora Pycnora praestabilis Lichen  
Pyrenochaeta Pyrenochaeta xanthoriae Lichenicolous fungus  
Rhizocarpon Rhizocarpon intersitum Lichen  
Roccellographa Roccellographa sorediata Lichen  
Ropalospora Ropalospora lugubris forma sorediata Lichen  
Sagedia Sagedia zonata Lichen  
Sclerococcum Sclerococcum tephromelarum Lichenicolous fungus  
Sticta Sticta atlantica Lichen  
Sticta ciliata Lichen  
Sticta fulginoides Lichen  
Stigmidium Stigmidium epistigmellum Lichenicolous fungus  
Strigula Strigula calcarea Lichen  
Taeniolella Taeniolella cladinicola Lichenicolous fungus  
Thelidium Thelidium rehmii Lichen  
Thelocarpon Thelocarpon coccosporum Lichen  
Toninia Toninia verrucariae Lichenicolous fungus  
Tremella Tremella candelariellae Lichenicolous fungus  
Tremella parmeliarum Lichenicolous fungus  
Tremella ramalinae Lichenicolous fungus  
Tubeufia Tubeufia heterodermiae Lichenicolous fungus  
Verrucaria Verrucaria consociata Lichen  
Verrucaria devensis Lichen  
Verrucaria hydrophila (syn. V. denudata, V. hydrela auct.) Lichen New name
Verrucaria lapidicola Lichen  
Verrucaria nodosa Lichen  
Verrucaria obfuscans Lichen  
Verrucaria placida Lichen  
Verrucaria rosula Lichen  
Verrucaria sphaerospora Lichen  
Verrucaria squamulosa Lichen  
Xanthocarpia Xanthocarpia diffusa Lichen  
Xanthocarpia marmorata Lichen  
Xenonectriella Xenonectriella lutescens Lichenicolous fungus  
Zwackhiomyces Zwackhiomyces martinatianus Lichenicolous fungus  
Zwackhiomyces physciicola Lichenicolous fungus  

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